“It Looks Like A Painting!”

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As a photographer who began with film and will end with digital, the advances in the medium’s technologies (especially computer software) have transformed it in ways I didn’t imagine even ten years ago—is it photography? Illustration? Painting? The lines have blurred; whether you believe this has been an improvement or not will determine your approach to art.

With photography, you’ve captured a moment in time – it’s that moment only – and in painting, you play with it; you manipulate how time is presented. It’s about fantasy and illusion and the creation of desire.  — Mickalene Thomas

Hot Rock

If you’ve ever hiked to The Wave, in Arizona’s Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, you may recognize this scene as the entrance to the main theater, just ahead and to the left. I’ve posted it tonight for one reason—our day has been oppressively drab and wet, we’re both in the middle of annoying colds, and lacking a Hot Toddy I felt a hot rock was better than nothing as an antidote to it all.