In the American Southwest, narrow may be found almost anywhere.

AZ-1025-2012-040 ON1.jpg

A narrow band of sunset light.

UT-1011-2012-194 ON1.jpg

A sandstone canyon, narrowing in on itself.

UT-1018-2012-010 ON1.jpg

Time and water flowing through a gooseneck.

The Scale Of Things

Examples of Scale are plentiful in the American Southwest; most of these are natural, while others…well, it is Las Vegas, after all.

Scale, Las Vegas style
Scale, Las Vegas style
Vehicle tracks in slushy snow on a gravel road.
Navajo horseman, Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona


Monument Valley At A Gallop

I’ve posted every day this month, reliving my recent trip in the Southwest with my friend Ulrich Rossmann. True to my intent I’m now racing towards the Grand Canyon—that’s how it feels—and on to Seligman, Arizona, for our last evening on the road (appropriately, old Route 66). At the time I knew I’d pass through Monument Valley again in less than two weeks—Kathy would meet us in Las Vegas, and after Ulrich left for Berlin we’d reverse my loop back to Oregon, taking in sites she wanted to see. Try not to take anything for granted. I hoped I could spend time in the Valley when I returned.

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.” —Will Rogers

At Monument Valley

When Monument Valley came into view we’d resigned ourselves to somber, agitated weather—there wouldn’t be any spectacular Arizona Highways sunsets on this short visit.

I parked at a roadside lean-to and started a conversation with Travis, who was there selling his hand-made jewelry. The healing necklace I purchased for my wife, with its subtle turquoise hues, is as wonderful as the story Travis told me about how he pre-visualizes each crafted piece.

“Honest, Mister, I was just lookin’!”

Headlights search the thickening darkness as a family returns home to Monument Valley.