Clouds in The Canyon


Clouds in the canyon,
brushing rock faces they have known
for a million years.

Can’t Fence It In


Barbed wire divides ranches and keeps the herds together, but it’s no boundary for a late summer storm brushing up against autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


There was a smiling clown face on this kite, which seemed to soar above thick clouds on a recent morning in Seward, Alaska. The weather forecast promised rain, but the sky cleared instead and sunshine warmed what became a lovely, carefree afternoon.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


This is what the sky looked like above our house one evening in 2004. I shot the photo with my first digital camera, the six-megapixel Canon 10D. The lens was a Canon 28-70 L. I processed the RAW file recently using the latest version of Photo Ninja and Nik plug-ins in Photoshop CS5. It’s a small image file, brought to a new level nine years after its taking by improvements—changes—to digital imaging software.