Through A Prairie Window


However it’s framed, life on the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan has never been easy.

After the sunset on the prairie, there are only the stars. โ€”Carl Sandburg


12 thoughts on “Through A Prairie Window”

    1. I’ve been there twice; on the first visit, I drove about half-way north through the province, and looking at the road map realized how far I had to go before I ran out of Saskatchewan! I think Sandburg must have gone a ways, too. Lovely country, it also reminded me a bit of southwestern Kansas, the way small ranches are tucked into little seams in the landscape. But I don’t believe I’d care for it over a long, snowy winter.

      But who else would have Moose Jaw?!

      1. And those short days in winter….7 hours of sunlight! But, the province has turned out some great hockey players with those long winters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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