Perfect Pitch

OR-0718-2016-066 ON1
Music is the silence between the notes. —Claude Debussy


Old Sheet Music texture © Brenda Clarke 2016


7 thoughts on “Perfect Pitch”

    1. Thanks, Janet. Fun to put together; little bird on honeysuckle, gray sky background, normally a Dud. But…after ON1’s Photo 10, a texture from Brenda Clarke’s Web site, simmering all that together…I had what I wanted. Cherry on top, or whatever you’d call it. Most of them, except for the Anna’s, have moved on for this year; already miss the rufous males (all three of them). Any hummers in your yard?

      1. We have a butterfly bush outside our living room window, so we get some there. Right now it’s so hot that I have the curtains closed (the window is on the west side), so I won’t see them if they’re around. However, I’ll be in Wyoming soon and I always see some there. If I sit on the porch wearing red, I’ll always get buzzed at least once. 🙂

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