A Real Hornet’s Nest

OR-0709-2016-101 ON1

Hornets build a nest every year in one of our oak trees. Before October, you’ll see the insects, but not the papery-gray globe they return to in the evenings. I sometimes stand in the yard, certain that this time, looking up into the green bursts of leaves, I’ll pick it out. And never do.

My wife found the remains of an unfinished one in the yard today; it reminds me of bark, or a weather pattern viewed from space. Sand patterns on a beach. The whorls of a fingerprint, no two alike.


7 thoughts on “A Real Hornet’s Nest”

  1. I find the paper of a hornet’s fascinating. I press flowers, and in the fall I will find piece blown down my the winds and press it to use with the flowers. Very unique material for crafting.

  2. The photo looks like it’s hanging on a gallery wall!

    We have a lot of limestone bluffs here and the texture in your photo reminds me of limestone. 🙂

    1. I hadn’t thought of stone, but it does resemble the walls I’ve passed on walks in England…lucky me. As for my “wall,” I do the same with leaves, a black background and touch up any spots that aren’t 100% dark later in processing. No distractions from the subject (I hope). Thanks as usual for your insights.

      1. Love the black. It truly showcases the subject. I’ll have to try that sometime. And, you’re welcome. I like your work. 🙂

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