Re: Connecting

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The internet is a great way to get on the net. —Bob Dole

Shortly after my last post in early January, our already slow internet connection all but stopped. Uploading, in particular, became impossible. We live a short ten minutes from downtown, but are still technologically rural. In lieu of wireless options, the internet  comes this way over copper wires. Unless it doesn’t.

In the end, there were two problems, one theirs (lines) and the other mine (an outdated modem). Because they happened to be coincidental, I had ignored the modem until a cable tech came to the house and measured the speeds delivered to the modem. After testing wires and connections for any additional possibilities (they also fail),  I drove to town and returned with a Netgear DSL modem. Easy installation, and here I am. Again. Until further obsolescence.


One thought on “Re: Connecting”

  1. I can relate! We’ve lived in this house 8 years, 7 miles from town, and there is no internet on this side of the hills and river. We use cell phones. But, I’ll tell you what, I’d take our view over home internet any day. 🙂 We’re on the river bottom, so pretty.

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