Off The Rails

Derailment SI 458

A bright winter sky complements this snow-covered accident scene, except it isn’t snow—it’s foam, applied by a team of firefighters who were part of a large-scale emergency response to the train’s derailment. The bitterly cold morning is easily recalled nearly twenty years later (no gloves!), and it stands out in my memory as literally the biggest Oops! I’ve photographed.

Derailment SI 471

Doesn’t ‘expecting the unexpected’ make the unexpected expected? —George Carlin


4 thoughts on “Off The Rails”

    1. I remember thinking how out-of-place everything appeared: you don’t expect to see locomotives in those positions! At least, for the engineer’s sake, the accident was caused by a track “issue,” though I never heard what it was. And the train wasn’t at top speed, either, another “lucky” break. Like you say, once would be enough.

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