OR-0909-2015-014 WPC

The well-worn floors at Thompson’s Mills are usually overlooked by visitors, but there are wonderful designs and stories to be found on them. These monochromatic examples were taken earlier this week.

OR-0909-2015-005 WPC

3 thoughts on “Floored”

    1. Thanks, Terri; I think the real artists are the people who installed all this old material over many years, put it in interesting combinations, and never guessed anyone would look at it unless it needed fixing. I’d also give partial credit to everyone who wore it down, working long days to feed (in this case) the world. We just come along and find the gems.

  1. This is wonderful. Love old floors myself and agree that the artists are those who lay the flooring. It becomes a piece of art with all of the wear and tear of the years. Nice choice for this week’s challenge.

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