“I’ll Have Chocolate, Please”

UK-0524-2013-026 copy

My wife and I caught a blustery day when we visited the Castlerigg Stone Circle (below), outside of Keswick, England. At the end of the walk, we weren’t surprised to see an ice cream truck stationed near one of the gates, as we’d discovered on other trips to Great Britain that a bit of inclement weather isn’t nearly enough to deter the English from that tasty Reward.



11 thoughts on ““I’ll Have Chocolate, Please””

    1. We took a bus out to the circle, then walked back to town as the weather improved. Ice cream sales weren’t great, as the crowd that day was rather small, but someone would have noticed if the truck hadn’t been there! I hope you get the chance to visit that part of England, as it’s wonderful country.

      1. I did part of the Cumbria Way walk when I visited England in the 80s. I don’t recall the exact part now without pulling out lots of books to jog the memory but I do remember I loved the landscape with the rock fences and the hills and lakes. Wished I could have spent more time there but I’ll know next time.

      2. The sections of the Cumbria Way between Coniston and Caldbeck are the most talked-about areas: as you well recall, many rock walls, the fells and lakes. But we also enjoyed the first and last days (some skip the last, going into Carlisle), climbing over stiles and passing through farm yards, getting the occasional “Hallo” as we went. It’s a walk I could do again, but I say that of each one I do. Cheers!

  1. Brilliant shot of the ice-cream shot against the green and blue nature background. It looks so out of place. Here in Melbourne where I live, Australians have pretty much the same taste as Brits – we eat ice-cream in the cooler months too!

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