No Two Alike


I walked past the leaf (above) after retrieving today’s junk mail from the box, just as the sun balanced on the horizon, spilling fine light into the valley. I hadn’t seen a leaf quite like this, so I stepped in the house and returned with my Digital (Sony) Leaf Rake (DSLR). Although the light changed in those short moments, I was able to set the color as I remembered it and, as I’ve been doing in my on-going series of leaves, painted out unwanted distractions.

The leaf below is another example of the individuality of seemingly similar forms in nature. This time, I’ve included accents with the leaf. A side benefit of this subtractive process is that I’m becoming adept with Photoshop’s brushes, and learning more about how the program works (I’m told this never ends). I’ve also discovered a use for junk mail—it makes a serviceable knee pad on wet ground when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to get your pants dirty.



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