Studio Photography


Technical Information

Camera: Sony NEX 7      Lenses: Pentax SMC Pentax-M 100 macro, Minolta MD 35-70 3.5 (macro version)

Camera Support: MeFOTO A 0350, Q0 ballhead      Lighting: Variable power continuous light source           

Media: SanDisk Extreme 16GB     Misc.:  Infrared shutter release, Think Tank Speed Changer, Giotto Rocket blower

In other words…I took a small mirrorless camera and two Oldies But Goodies lenses into my front yard, set everything atop a tiny tripod, and used the sun’s ever-changing light to record my portrait subjects

Luckily, the minimum focusing distance for the lenses matched the tripod’s minimum height, so I could get close to the leaves; apertures were mostly at f16 or 22, and the ISO either 200 or 400. With a light set-up like this it was easy to change positions as the sunlight went in and out of shadows. No cords to trip over, heavy stands to reposition, nothing but light and leaves. The new “KISS”—Keep It Small & Simple.

I’ll post a gallery from my sessions in the next day or two.

The Studio
The Studio

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