OR-Fire (film) 3044Imp
My final version, after working through several possiblities and using multiple programs.
The original scanned photo appears at the end of this post.


There’s a reason I don’t draw, or paint: my straight lines aren’t, and if you saw my stick people you’d sympathize with them. No one, stick or not, should suffer such pains. And don’t ask about paints and brushes, either. Cheetah did better work.

But, like many photographers, there is a painter living inside me, a small slice of my personality that surfaces sporadically to ask What if?, before sinking hopelessly back into the subconscious.

Yesterday I downloaded a new program that lets me pretend I’m proficient with those other artists’ tools. Sure, I’m not mixing paints or applying considered strokes to a canvas as I sit meditatively before it, but there is this: painters have always sought to create emotions in their works, and so too have photographers, whether using traditional methods or experimenting. And that includes, in our digital world, software.

The ability to create a unique photographic illustration, one that conveys mood or emotion, may become technically easier, but it will always rely on the artist’s sensibilities for its success.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” —Leonardo da Vinci

OR-Fire (film) 3044 copy


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