In A Blink

I’ve bookmarked a few Web cameras from around the world (cheaper than flying, better seats and food, just not as satisfying) and a favorite is the one at Lake McDonald in Montana’s Glacier National Park. A wide and wild range of weather visits this location, where cold water laps against the mountains, but at this time of year winter’s snows are nearly gone from the glacially-carved peaks and the lake surface is relatively calm. I can tell summer is imminent because that orange buoy/float/thingy appears one day, and not long afterwards a small motorboat is tethered there.


The camera takes a new shot about every minute or so, and aside from the Orange Thing there was nothing on the lake except cold ripples when I looked this morning. I must have clicked on the link at the very end of a cycle, because almost immediately an updated view appeared and there was a canoe passing close to the OT! A minute later it was gone, in the internet equivalent of a blink.



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