Snow Redux


The second significant snowstorm here this winter left behind nearly ten inches of fine powder yesterday, more than enough to bring out cross-country skiers and sledders all around town.

After lunch I tucked my NEX 7 under my coat and went down to the box to see if our mail carrier had made it through (she had). This snowfall felt deeper than December’s, and the light was diffused by countless falling flakes. I found a couple of personal gems that hadn’t been there then.

What we perceive and categorize as beauty is so fleeting. This morning, light freezing rain has converted the snow’s delicate shapes, all the beautiful textures, into something resembling a gooey cinnamon roll. People will be slipping instead of sledding. And by Monday, when forecast temperatures rise to the low 50s, Fahrenheit, winter’s latest exclamation will be mostly forgotten.

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” —Andy Goldsworthy


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