Black Coffee

Wistful White Pocket

White Pocket, a relatively small area near Arizona’s South Coyote Buttes, has become a mecca for photographers. The surreal shapes, colors, and textures stretch imagination. On my last visit I camped out for two days with my friend Ulrich Rossmann. We’d planned to stay a single night, but changed our minds over coffee that evening—then listened to coyotes seconding our decision in the distance, under starlight.

Sunrise teased us with a hint of color the next morning; we’d set up our tripods and found morning compositions in anticipation, and though disappointed that we weren’t seeing Nature’s dawn fireworks I made a few exposures anyway. They languished on a hard drive until this week, when I realized there had been fireworks, just no color. An epic title seemed appropriate, but in the end I named it for the hot brew we’d enjoyed in our little camp, and the fine memory it brings to mind.


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