I Had The Lawn Mower Out, But…


A week of cool, sunny weather, calm breezes, and oak leaves gently spiraling to the ground by the dozen. With the following week forecast the same, but then…

So, while I did intend to begin mulching this first wave of leaves, my better, more sensible side won out and I patrolled the yard with my Nex 7. The best light happened beneath the trees, where the angled sunshine came in slivers between tree branches—transient light that, like the leaves, is here and gone too soon.



2 thoughts on “I Had The Lawn Mower Out, But…”

    1. Kirk, thank you. The Nex cameras (or any other small camera) is very liberating after using (D)SLRs for everything—
      but you already know that. I caught the bug from your blog, in fact, so there’s another Thank You! I’ll look forward
      to what you shoot while you’re in NYC for the photo show. Bill

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