A Few Mosquitoes In Alaska

The time we spend in places—how long before their character, their spirit and secrets, are revealed? I have photographed the indescribable we call The Southwest in four separate years and am certain beyond any doubt that I’ve barely invested the equivalent of a few seconds there. Overwhelming, immense Alaska is, as I expected, no different, though I will measure my time there by another indicator.

If I can conjure
The Bear, the Sun, the Distance,
That will be enough.

3 thoughts on “A Few Mosquitoes In Alaska”

    1. I’ll likely not return, unless to the interior around Denali—too many other locations to see first. The coastal areas of Alaska, for me, quickly became redundant, especially on the foggy, rainy days. I can’t imagine living there full-time. Of course, some say that about my neighborhood, too.

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