Trail Karma

I call it Trail Karma, and it began for us in 2008 when Kathy and I walked the Dales Way, ten days of fine green Yorkshire landscapes that ended overlooking Lake Windermere. We donned our rain gear one afternoon following a pub lunch, but threatening weather passed. And that was it—no rain. Eleven days (we took a rest day in Grassington). Afterwards, in Bowness and Bath, we participated in sudden downpours, but we’d traded day packs for umbrellas by then.

Now, five years later, would our good luck continue on the Cumbria Way?


The footpath offered a variety of surfaces on the first day—simple tracks through sheep pastures, country lanes, rocky sections, boggy farm lots, and muddy bits where the previous week’s rain remained in evidence.

Coniston Water came into view from a sloping hillside above greening woods—not much farther, now. Another dry day, and warm, too. T-shirt weather. Knock on wood.



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