Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

tabby copy

Nearly two months have sped by since The Cat Now Known As Tabby showed up at our house. He’s a robust fifteen-pound gentleman who fled our neighbor’s barn three years ago and had been living…where? None of us had seen him in the interim. Another unsolvable feline mystery. What we do know is—he’s healthy, non-aggressive, and friendly. Damn—why couldn’t he have a glaring fault, so we could take him to the county animal shelter for adoption? But, no. After two weeks inside the house our four female cats are playing with him, or else are resigned to the fact we’ve absorbed yet another stray soul into our small space.


As you see in the photo, he’s become quite comfortable in it, and there is no mystery there. But I was surprised, when I looked closer, to discover a patch of summer-gold grasses waving in the wind, right there on his soft tummy.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details”

  1. The fur almost looks like fire, it’s touchable…… and the second picture is so clever, combining all the pattens and textures and colours 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words. His fur is VERY touchable…and he’s very demanding. Better than gloves on a rainy day. The second is coincidence—my wife gets credit for the fabrics and pillow, Tabby for the pose. I just show up.

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