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As I continue using the Sony 5n I’m learning the truth of the saying The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You. The one that’s close-at-hand, ready to go with little or no thought, nor preconceived planning. Sign me up for spontaneous.

If I’d taken this photo with my full-sized 35mm camera, I probably wouldn’t have—since I don’t keep it on my desk, there’s a bag to dig into, a lens case to open, and so the moment’s inspiration is diluted, the thought gone, the opportunity past. Like in writing, write it down, whether that’s on a scrap of paper or a memory card.

The Sony, conversely, is so small I barely notice it on the desk. A cup of pens and pencils takes up more space there. The 5n becomes easier to handle as I practice with it daily, and that means when the sun retreats for the day, and nighttime arrives for its shift, the process of taking the picture is quick and intuitive, and that affects my enthusiasm, and from there it’s fun. That’s really the best part of creating something, no matter how long that takes.


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