Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


Here’s one of those easy photos we shoot right before the Weekly Challenge deadline, when we can’t come up with something more interesting. But…there’s a short back story here—this is the first photo I’ve taken seriously with anything except a real camera.

I left my 35mm DSLR at home yesterday when Kathy and I drove to Cottage Grove, but I had the iPod Touch in a shirt pocket, and after lunch, lazily browsing around Old Town, the sun shining nicely for a while, I snapped a handful of shots with the Touch. I hadn’t done that before. Really. Honest. I like cameras, not social devices. Yet here it is, and if I hadn’t said anything, would you know?

I’ve had a sense for some time that a smaller camera of good quality—12 to 16 megapixels, interchangeable lenses—is on my horizon. What it might be is a tantalizing question.


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