Windy and Warm

The post title comes from the song written by John D. Loudermilk and accurately describes the overnight weather. There’s definitely a pattern to it—clouds creeping in at sundown, disappearing by sunrise. We’d decided to drive out to White Dome for some wandering but as the temperature reached the low 90s we sought shade instead. A bonus: cool breezes moved along the base of the steep walls that form a slot leading down to the signed trail. For over an hour we watched people trudging through the sun and sand in both directions, while we moved our tripods around and shot bits and pieces of the scene. Once again light reflecting from other rocks provided all the fill light we needed for our subjects.

Back in Overton for the hottest portion of the day. I enjoyed the best milkshake ever at Sugar’s Home Plate, then went next door for a photo. Lots of motorcycles on the road right now.

I didn’t forget ice for the cooler (which melts by breakfast), and the only question was where to go for sunset. Too far to the main attractions, so we pulled into the pay station on the park’s east side and walked across the road into an area of unnamed features. We didn’t see anything else quite like this in the park. Can you spot the elephant?


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