Valley Of Fire, Take 2

The Next Day, and the worst has passed (don’t drive after dark in Las Vegas, especially to the airport; in fact, don’t drive when you’re there at all—take a shuttle or cab). It’s great to see Ulrich again, and after breakfast we’re eager to start a fourth trip together in red rock country. We’ll begin at Valley of Fire and describe a rough clockwise circle through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, ending up in Vegas again in eighteen days. I’ve made up an itinerary of areas we haven’t visited, plus a couple we want to explore again.

At Valley of Fire the tent goes up quickly and we’re off to the Fire Wave, in time for sunset. Parking Lot #3 is half-full and we have company when we arrive at the banded rocks. Everyone is going about their photography quietly, respectfully. I decide to do my treasure hunting along the flanks of the main rock.

Although I usually have bad luck with sunsets, tonight has been a beautiful exception.


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