Room To Roam

From Tonopah I continued east on Nevada Highway 6, towards my objective for the day—Rachel, Nevada, and the Extraterrestrial Highway. But no hurry. Road maps don’t factor in mostly-deserted roads and balmy weather. The Silver State reminded me that driving is an enjoyable skill, not something one does on CRUISE with the stereo blaring and the AC flowing. A little wind in the cockpit stirs the imagination, and you can’t smell sage with the windows rolled up.

Park-and-Ride, Nevada-style.

I wanted to drive the ET Highway because it passes through Rachel, which is my grand-daughter’s name. There had to be something interesting there. I stopped to photograph the highway signs outside town and then went inside the Little A’Le’Inn (“Earthlings Welcome”). Aliens, too.

I carried a bag of ET-themed birthday presents to the truck, snapped a last photo of the saucer out front, and moved along in lengthening shadows. I’d hoped to make Valley of Fire State Park before dark, but something out there was going to get in my way.


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