New Legs

It’s the time of summer when we traditionally begin to see black-tailed fawns. Twins are the norm (we were amazed once by five pair in the yard simultaneously), and until July fades into August they stick close by their mother—not a bad idea, until you’ve learned enough to get along on your own. These newcomers browsed in front of the house yesterday afternoon, all business one moment,  jumping and bucking about the next as they tested out their new legs.

Meanwhile, in a bird house next to the deck, another natural drama played out as the deer grazed. Kathy and I watched as, one-by-one,  five hesitant young chickadees fluttered from their nest into the waiting world. Their parents were quite vocal in promoting this, encouraging them until the wooden box was finally empty, then staying nearby to offer a few last mouthfuls of food—and fifteen minutes later we couldn’t detect a sign of the family.

“Things do not change, we do.” —Henry David Thoreau

In the scheme of things, redesigning a blog is hardly as significant (nor magnificent) as nature’s cycles—I doubt it has the impact of one drop of rain. Moving a few lines of text or shuffling graphic elements won’t change the effect (if there is to be any) of the words and images bullied by those changes. But it can make a blogger happier, for a while, because their work suddenly appears fresh in a new light.

So, because I’d become as impatient as the adult chickadees, Listening For Thunder is today a WordPress blog. Fresh sheets, a firm pillow, and a new theme, Quintus, that offers elegance to words and pictures alike. At least, that’s the way I see it today. That could all change tomorrow.

Please excuse any tinkering that goes on as I make this my new blogging home, and Thank You for making the time to visit.


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