Free Advice

I was standing next to my favorite field of sunflowers the other day, deciding whether to get my camera out. Feeding on seeds, several birds had already made up their minds—for them the pickings were good.

Behind me, two women were talking about photography. One gave the appearance of a snapshooter—someone who enjoys taking pictures, but not all the time and not too far from the Auto setting on their point-and-shoot. The second woman, in contrast, toted a DSLR with a long zoom lens and was comfortably giving pointers to her companion on how to shoot…everything.

1. “Set your lens on 5.6.”

2. “Use AV (Aperture Value). That controls the quality of light.”

3. “For birds, I always put them in the center of the frame. I can
see them better, and then crop later on to get what I want.”

As we eventually learn, free advice isn’t always worth the cost.


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