A Timeless Saturday Afternoon

I visited the nearby Jackson-Frazier wetland for a second time yesterday, and failed to improve on my earlier time of two hours to complete the two-thirds-of-a-mile boardwalk. (I’m sure the tortoise approved, while the hare would have noted my wife’s several laps around the loop.)

As I discovered the first time around, there are always interesting details and contrasts there, far too many to capture in mere hours. That’s the beauty of Nature.

Our last stop of the day was Horse Creek Farms. Kathy bought delicious peaches while I snooped through their small patch of sunflowers, and found one creature working much harder than I was.


One thought on “A Timeless Saturday Afternoon”

  1. You always make the sunflowers look so wonderful at the farm. We appreciate your many hours of waiting for the perfect light and the perfect moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Horse Creek Farms

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