Close To Home

My wife has a list of places she wants to visit, and yesterday we checked off two of those.

First up was the Jackson-Frazier Wetland, barely forty miles north of our home. As you learn from their Web site, the wooden boardwalk that loops through the 144-acre site is but two-thirds of a mile long, but that shouldn’t fool you into believing there’s little to see. Quite to the contrary. I moseyed the loop and took two hours to complete it—and that was without a tripod. Kathy could finish a Jane Austen if I brought out the Gitzo.

Because summer hasn’t accelerated here in the Willamette Valley the wetland hadn’t dried up, leaving photo possibilities countless and green. Other examples from our walk are in a new Zenfolio gallery here.

After a sandwich break there we drove six miles farther north to the area of the old Camp Adair, a US Army division training facility during WWII. Kathy’s beloved uncle, Emil, was stationed here during that war, and whenever we visited St. Louis and family gathered you could count on him to relive his experiences here. Walking to the pond that’s now part of the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area we crossed several deteriorating roadways that served those young men as they trained for war seventy years ago, and for a few moments history was neither far away nor impersonal.


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