What If…?

Maybe I should quit reading the news. Cancel the paper (comics are available online) and stop, cold turkey, visiting Web sites of news organizations. The downside of doing that is, I’d miss so much information—hearing about Tiger’s latest woes with his putter, for example, or that Prince William’s hairline is receding (the photos don’t lie).

I’d also spare myself the various accounts demonstrating how teachers, firefighters, and police (to name the most obvious culprits) are bankrupting the nation. Evidently, while we were asleep, these people were using something called collective bargaining to siphon the republic’s wealth into their unionized pockets and bring us within an inch of a total fiscal meltdown.

I hope my sarcasm is 110% obvious here, but you never know—skins are ultra-thin these days, with seemingly everyone looking for perceived slights. So let me be clear: if you’re going to complain about public sector jobs (those teachers, firefighters, and police), then STEP UP AND DO THE WORK YOURSELVES.

And while you’re at it, pay yourselves what you’re worth.


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