A Hole In One*

“When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in the sock. So I stopped wearing socks.” —Albert Einstein

We’re experiencing our coldest weather of this winter today and tomorrow, as low as 15F, and I doubt AE would decline a pair of socks—presuming you could get him into a pair of boots.

Gloves are another necessity right now, and I was dismayed yesterday when I realized that small hole in the tip of one finger of my Lowepro photographer’s gloves had become a medium. I’ve enjoyed these for several years—I think this is my second pair—but am equally dismayed, again, to learn they’ve been discontinued.

It reminds me of a packaged tea my wife and I once drank, a flavored variety sure to offend the British—it was orange chocolate, as I recall, subtly citrus with an actual hint of dark sweetness. Like my gloves it must have been a slow seller, and when we inquired of the manufacturer they assured us we’d like it’s replacement just as much.

With countless products deserving of cancellation—browse for an hour in any mall for vivid proof—why are they picking on these gloves? They’re comfortable, keep their shape after regular use, have a firm, tactile grip, and it’s easy to make adjustments to the camera without fumbling (add mittens for an outer layer when it’s very cold).

In the movie Murphy’s Romance James Garner’s character was adamant when ordering a particular shirt—told it was out of style he replied strenously “But it’s my shirt!” And these are were my gloves.

* I knew you’d ask—yes, there is an actual society devoted to keeping track of aces—it’s the Hole In One Society. On their Web site these are deemed an accomplishment, but if you face in the right direction and hit the ball squarely, isn’t the rest of the sequence really up to Lady Luck and crosswinds? For something truly rare, try to find someone who can darn a pair of socks (here’s a link on how to do that), and then have them email me. I have a small job for them.


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