Sympathy Tonight

As a dangerous blizzard blows eastward across the Midwest tonight on its way to the eastern seaboard, it is already being compared to the worst of these historic storms. How bad is it? The Weather Channel has pre-empted its regularly scheduled programs to cover nothing but—the weather!

Here in Oregon we’re on another planet, weather-wise. Our extremes make the front page because they’re so rare, like two-headed calves or talking dogs (my Shepherd, Elsa, asked me to mention dogs).

Our last snowstorm occurred three years ago, when I took my normal three-mile walk during very abnormal conditions. Everyone, it seemed, was out looking at the snow, which is a far cry from worrying about whiteouts or freezing to death if the power goes out.

If you’re reading this in Chicago, I hope it’s because you’re warm and have nothing better to do on a hazardous night.


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