Rain In Arches, And A Hunch

We caught up with stormy weather in Moab, Utah. After breakfast on our first morning there, Canyonlands was a bust (photographically)—the Islands in the Sky were overrun by legions of wet, gray clouds, with reinforcements as far as one could see. We hadn’t made the entrance gate before I turned around and headed for Arches.

Call it intuition (or wishful thinking)—once in the park the clouds seemed less threatening, the skyline a bit brighter. The Windows Section, even on a gloomy day, was doing a booming business, so I parked a ways off and, for nearly an hour, listened to the soft rainfall, waiting. I had a hunch.

When the clouds began to break up to the east we went down the road to Panorama Point—the soft lighting and contrasting desert elements were beginning to rouse us from bad-weather lethargy.

For sunset we took a vantage point opposite Balanced Rock, up a secondary gravel road. I walked out and set up shop on the highest point I could find, a large rounded rock, and reveled in the rich light that followed. I viewed it as a panoramic photo, because the view is so grand—how could you exclude any part of it?


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