What, Only 4000 Pictures?

On my recent outing with Ulrich Rossmann I took over 6000 shots, but Aaron Johnson’s point, as usual, is right on the money. After gazing at rocks, trees, canyons, et al., for hours on end, the eyes (and mind) yearn for something different.

So, how about humor? One night in Hanksville, Utah, Ulrich was shooting self-portraits—he’d set up his Nikon and timer on a tripod, jump in the car, and wait. And then do it again. The light source was a small (weak) bicycle light, which didn’t emit enough for the task. Solution? The next night I put an old Speedlite inside the Goliath, and while he sat I shot—open the shutter, fire the flash using a pair of Pocket Wizards, done. I added the green cast in Photoshop (which I could have done in the field using a gel filter).

No one stopped that night to ask us what we were doing.


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