Good Evening

While the pavement ends at Schulman Grove, the excitement doesn’t—I followed White Mountain Road another twelve bumpy miles to a heady elevation of 11,200 feet where bleached and weathered bristlecones are scattered around a natural amphitheater. I’d come up late, on a hunch the stormy weather in the area might break at sunset—and my reward for guessing correctly was a too-quick hour of beautiful light among the trees.

After nightfall, in a gentle rain, I returned to Grandview Campground (down at 8500 feet) certain of one thing—that although I was headed towards the Grand Canyon, and would visit several National Parks or Monuments over the next two weeks, nothing I would see or experience in those places could surpass the unique wildness of the bristlecones.

And I was right.


2 thoughts on “Good Evening”

  1. Hey, Bill!

    Heck of a shot up top there! I put one similar on the cover of my proof of concept booklet.

    Very good to hear from you, and a nice reminder of a good beer under a juniper tree at 9000' in the Whites.

    Holler if you head down this way again, would love to meet up with you again.

    All the best,

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