Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light

When I returned home Saturday after shooting fire-training pictures, I was tired: turnout gear’s heavy and standing around in the sunshine for five hours wears one down (imagine how the firefighters felt—they were doing real work). I was in the living room, recounting the day for my wife, when my dog took her place on the sofa and Ding!, it was suddenly time to retrieve the camera and shoot some more.

On sunny afternoons during the winter there’s a short period when low-angled sunlight comes in the big window…ten minutes, tops…creating distinct highlights around the room. The effect is never the same, so when Elsa plopped down and faced the light, I had to respond.

You will note that her eye, the center of interest, is smack-dab in the center: a dog’s-eye, if you will. We know this is a NO, but…try as I have to crop the picture into a different framing, this is still the most effective for me. It’s one of those times when the rules don’t apply.


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