Beating The Blahs

Beating The Blahs

I didn’t believe the fog could get any thicker than it was yesterday, but…I was wrong. When I went out today it followed me around like a bothersome kid brother: nothing I did could shake it. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, when rain is forecast, and you won’t hear many Oregonians say that.

Meanwhile, I’m posting a bright colorful photo that was taken the last time the sun was out…in early December.


2 thoughts on “Beating The Blahs”

  1. Ah, but I have an unimpeachable witness…

    The enveloping acoustics of fog do create a mood unlike other elements. We live on a hillside so sounds already carry…on such days, if the neighbor's dog coughs I hear it. But fog is like alcohol…moderation is required for the best enjoyment. In Oregon's inland valleys, in winter, that's not always possible.

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