Hot Tea and E

Hot Tea and E

Most (if not all) of the UK is blanketed with varying (in some locations historic) amounts of snow. Mike Brockhurst sent this photo from Harrogate, England, this morning. AKA The Walking Englishman (see his link in Off-Topic), he went out for a walk as the white stuff started up yet again and took a few snapshots. For those who aren’t sledding or building snowpeople it will be a cozy day for hot tea and an…e-book?

Modern readers now have electronic alternatives to the sound and textures of paper. Perhaps the most-hyped of these is the Kindle, Amazon’s original wireless reading device (from their Web site). One of its proclaimed features (again, their words, not mine): Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. One author gushes that “this is the future of modern reading.”

Not so fast. While I was enjoying my own hot drink I looked at the weather forecast on the BBC and came upon Page-Turning Passion, by Lisa Jardine. For anyone who fears the demise of paper books, she will put your mind at rest.

I’ll end this British-themed post by saying that, while a Kindle might be a good place for Harry Potter to hang out, it’s a poor venue for Bill Brandt’s photographs.


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