I took my grandsons to a used book store today, and while they headed off in search of dragons I went to see the photography section. One glance, of course, turns up the well-known, famous names: Adams, Arbus, Frank, Capa, Cartier-Bresson, et al. Interspersed around them are the less famous, the unknown, tumbling off the shelves into awkward piles on the floor.

Most of us, we know, aren’t going to become household names: there’s only so much room on the shelves for those. But I’d remind anyone who’s given up on ever doing a book to consider self-publishing. It’s big business for companies like Blurb, who will give you the software for laying out your book and then deliver its one-of-a-kind magic right to your door. In this process you get to wear all the hats: photographer, editor, copy editor, proofreader, mail room, and computer IT. Did I mention making your own coffee?

I made a book through Blurb following our walking trip to England last year. One misspelling, a typo…and over two hundred pages of well-printed photos and text, sitting there on my bookshelf right next to…


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