Blue Ribbon Reuben

Blue Ribbon Reuben

I wish I could show you a picture of the Bunratty Reuben sandwich (tender corned beef, braised cabbage, honey mustard & swiss cheese on rye, served with fries, coleslaw and sweet pickles) I was served at Nana’s Irish Pub, but it was so delicious that I decided to eat it instead. Photos be damned!

The back story is this: Kathy and I were married twenty-five years ago in a sandwich shop that served…until Nana’s…the best Reuben I’d ever eaten. It was thick, tasty, and without the soggy appearance of so many other disappointing offerings. I would have forgiven the waitress at Nana’s, too, for her inevitably enthusiastic Reuben review…I was used to hearing it…but she was right.

The pub happens to be a short walk from the Sylvia Beach Hotel, where we borrowed the Agatha Christie Room for two nights in early December to celebrate that silver anniversary. The weather during our stay was alarmingly calm and the hotel was also quiet; the resident cats padded around the gift shop or lounged on the stairs while we came and went without going anywhere serious. Our own cats have taught us a bit about relaxation.

Winter was almost upon us then so the days were at their shortest lengths, and one evening as darkness closed I noticed a lamp glowing in the hotel’s reading library…like a lighthouse beacon guiding readers towards a safe literary harbor.


One thought on “Blue Ribbon Reuben”

  1. Before becoming a vegetarian, a Rueben was my favorite sandwich (my favorite anything really, even above chocolate). A tofu Rueben doesn't have the luster like a real one… but I keep making them just the same.

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