The Thankful Photographer

Today is the day symbolically dedicated to overeating and endless football giving thanks. In no order of importance, here are a few things photographers may be thankful for.

1. People Who Share Their Knowledge & Inspire Us

Teachers, mentors, bloggers…and other photographers.

2. The Internet

For the capabilities and possibilities it offers.

3. The Camera Equipment You Currently Own

Take an honest look at the contents of your camera bag and see if you don’t find an embarrassment of riches inside.

4. The Camera Equipment You Wish You Owned

Camera companies make the models they think we want (power windows and heated seats), and sometimes they’re right.

5. Computer Prices

Terabytes have replaced megabytes, at the same (or lower) cost. Monitors are high-resolution color, included with your purchase. Powerful software is built-in. Remember the Mac Plus?

6. The Freedom to Self-Publish

I’m doing it right now. There’s never been a better time to get a soapbox blog. Or print a book.

7. The Digital Evolution

For bringing creativity out of the darkroom and onto the desktop.

8. Traditional Image-making Technologies

For keeping the game in perspective, and offering alternatives.

9. Software Developers

For making 1s and 0s do magic.


Be it a special place, or person…remember to give thanks more than once a year for those things that make photography a special passion.


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