The Morning Paper

Dawn arrived today in typical late-November style. Shifting layers of fog filled the valley, moving silently over dark hillsides as tall clouds caught the first direct sunlight and gave back traces of subtle colors, with the wild approval of passing geese. These last moments before sunrise are one of my favorite times of day, and it coincides with the delivery of our daily newspaper.

When I got to the paper box I noted that the potholes on our gravel road are becoming substantial in size and depth, and I expect the county will send a road-grader out soon to smooth things over.

It’s too bad they can’t patch up the problems our newspapers are having.

Monday’s paper has always been the runt of the week, but this is sad. The classifieds must be with the comics (my wife took those to work), but they’ve shrunk to six pages…people advertise their goods on eBay or craigslist now…and there aren’t many Help Wanteds, either.

The sports section has been pared too, but it’s still second only to the main section, and they get the majority of photos. We do love our games. Most of the news in the main section, by the way, was on the internet yesterday, except for local weather conditions, features, and late-breaking stories. I know this because that’s where I read most of it.

The most disappointing section of the paper is local and regional news. They’d cut it to three pages if that were possible…I guess there just isn’t much happening in town now.

Probably, everyone’s inside reading the paper online.


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