Trick Or Treat?

For adults, Halloween is mostly a take-it-or-leave-it event. While stores are frighteningly full of hideous costumes and brightly-themed decorations, it doesn’t get you out of work like real holidays—even Columbus Day can do that (my wife is sleeping in today to prove that point). Unless you’re a witch, or a little kid, who cares?

And if you live at the end of a dark, creepy driveway (like we do) you may not get any children to come and ring your bell at all…the wind sighs, lightning flashes, and the night passes uneventfully.

I asked my wife what she remembered best about Halloween and of course it was that big bag of sweets she harvested from her neighbors. What did she do with her treasures? Well, DOH, you pour it on the floor and take stock of your haul, what else? Some things are so obvious.

It sounds just like editing photos, doesn’t it?

You fill your monitor (or light-box, if you’re an unreformed filmaholic) with as many frames as you can, sit forward in the chair, and…Somebody put an apple in my bag! A mistake, definitely. Hey, six Three Musketeers! Now we’re talking.

Do you look for tricks, or treats?


One thought on “Trick Or Treat?”

  1. K always gave the best treats according to my kids. And she always laughed at whatever they were trying to become, costume-wise. And we still remember bobbing for apples in the backyard at the parties. Memories….

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