Wild Horses

The south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park contains a number of wild horses, and it was our great luck to cross paths with this small group in the afternoon.

As we continued along the park’s loop road we couldn’t avoid the resident prairie dogs: they’ve well-established towns in several locations close to the route. Go ahead, tell me you could resist.

Photographers who pursue landscapes instead of wildlife won’t be disappointed here either. There are panoramic views aplenty, and one can always get up-close-and-personal with a rock.

Theodore Roosevelt Park is unabashedly rugged and full of life, a fitting memorial to its namesake.


One thought on “Wild Horses”

  1. Although I don't check your blog every week, its because I save up to read and see where you and K have been and what you have decided to write about. Thank you for doing this blog. You are a spark in my day when I decide to look at it and you never fail to make me smile at the things you take photos of, and the things you write about.
    I turned my son (Jonathan) onto your blog as he has the knack of photography, but not yet the skill of words. I am way behind him, but I still keep trying with my baby digital. Someday I will have a bit bigger and better one. But not to compete with you.

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