An Inside Look

The sky is lightening in Watford City, North Dakota, where we stopped for the night yesterday and are now poised for a day in the badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Temperatures are unseasonably hot and our car is festooned with the remains of grasshoppers who, along with the heat, are the main topic of discussion.

As I’ve driven along the smaller highways of northeastern Montana and into North Dakota I’ve been looking for “Americana” (your definition may vary) and not finding it. Few buildings remain that offer a hint of their heyday from the 1950s, victims of harsh weather or the desires of people to build anew.

The items I’ve found most interesting to photograph have been inside the places where we’ve stopped, poking around a historic hotel in Fort Peck, Montana, and falling under the dusty gaze of a mounted moose head, or discovering the warmth of an old leather chair in another.

I wonder what photographers in 2040 will think of the things we’ve left behind.


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