Over Yonder

My wife and I are going to wander over yonder to Montana and North Dakota, beneath that famously Big Sky and across mostly-empty prairies where windswept dots of towns cling tenaciously to the maps. It’s going to be a car trip, which suits us fine, this time. Like bison and bears, buses and trains disappeared from this landscape long ago, and it’s too far to walk, although the pioneers didn’t know that.

We’ll see lots of countryside for the first time, and I hope it surprises us. I’ve searched on Flickr and Googled, too, but that only whets the appetite. I want the real thing, with Wi-Fi on the side.

After a week spent weaving through both flat and bad lands (so-called) we’ll drop into Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park (I’ll leave this sentence construction as-is: after sitting for so many miles a hot soak will feel wonderful). We consider the place an old friend, with the rich memories that brings. Fingers are crossed that we arrive as bull elk are bugling to their adoring harems.

Autumn will be in full stride farther south in the Tetons, and after a short stay in Jackson home will begin pulling us back. If my blog posts are infrequent over this time, I hope the leaves blush orange and red wherever you are.


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