Today’s The Day

For several years, whenever I drove north out of town on Highway 99N, I passed an old double-wide mobile home that had a colorful mountain scene painted across its backside. There was a gravel parking area next to it, and I always told myself that one of these days I’d stop and shoot a panorama of it. And of course I waited too long, and it’s gone.

I’d guess most of us have similar stories, of some thing or someone we were going to photograph next time, and for whatever reason that never happened. If you needed an argument for carrying a camera at all times, that would be it.

So, the Morning Glory, courtesy of my wife’s lovely garden, was shot today, in full, unblemished bloom. By tomorrow, after a day bouncing in gusty winds, I suspect the petals will be frayed like a well-thumbed paperback.

And although our new kitten, Poco, will remain cute for quite awhile…nearly imperceptible changes seem to occur overnight, and after the laundry…er, bed…is put away, that photograph likely won’t come around again.

These are two simple examples, surely, but they’re not going to be nagging what-if regrets when I get up in the morning.


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