Lighten Up

We didn’t think the big rose bush fronting our garden would bloom this year…until a week ago. Now, each day sees it brightening and flourishing, a combination I’m suddenly unable to ignore.

Because, while the rose was hemming and hawing over its annual obligation I was decisive: I loaded the car up Friday morning with stuff I wasn’t using, drove to a camera store, and with little regret traded it all for a lightweight camera body.

Sure, there are trade-offs: my full-frame body has (present tense: I’m not selling it) a larger, brighter viewfinder, focuses a bit quicker, and it feels profession…substantial in hand. At 56 ounces without lens, it should. I have to admit, that robustness sometimes deters me from taking it out of the bag. The smaller 40D complements it by simply making shooting physically easier: it’s worth it to me for that alone.

Oh, and I changed bags, too. There’s a theory that you can never have too many camera bags and at least one should be smaller than the others, so I picked up a used Lowepro Compact AW yesterday. The new camera body and four lenses nest snugly in it and there’s room for little else…that’s the point.

If I didn’t feel so good about all this I’d feel guilty.


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