I can’t recall when I first heard the adjective indomitable, but I’d wager it preceded “English spirit.” Partnered with an equally-famous reserve and humour, it has overcome long odds over the centuries. This week, on two fronts, it is again being tested, with the apostrophe under attack on the streets of Birmingham and, to the southeast, the streets of London under a seldom-seen foot of snow. 

While the former skirmish may already be lost (welcome to St. Pauls Circle, and won’t spellcheckers love that?), individuals fight on in London, where Mayor Boris Johnson was moved to admit that “We don’t have the snow-ploughs that we would otherwise need to be sure of getting the roads free.” 
But with that unerring spirit, and a few gritting lorries, winter should soon be in fast retreat. I’d bet a pint on it.


One thought on “Indomitable”

  1. Bill, I can’t imagine London without some snow. I gre up with Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” and the streets were always snowy.So much for global warming eh??

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