You have the best intentions as you head to the grocery store: a dozen eggs, milk, a package of cookies, cheese, a newspaper…cat food, don’t forget cat food!…it’s a short list and you’ll be back in thirty minutes. Easy.

Two hours pass, and when you finally come in the back door you don’t have any groceries but you do have a new pair of work boots (guaranteed waterproof), stainless steel hedge clippers, a bag of organic fertilizer…and a stack of brochures for some other stuff you didn’t know existed when you left the house.

Metaphorically speaking…welcome to the internet, where links are like a bottomless can of Legos.

Cartoonist Jan Eliot, who breathes life into the characters on her popular STONE SOUP strip, understands this concept completely.

When I sat down to dinner yesterday (pan-fried halibut and rice) I gave that meal an escort of Morland Old Speckled Hen Fine English Ale, and shortly thereafter found myself at The Oxford Bottled Beer Database…I know a lot more about UK breweries now…hit the Major League baseball news (spring training is getting closer!)…checked the local weather (still cold)…remembered Sunday’s comic (above)…popped back to the database to see if John Smith’s was there (it is)…and then both the computer and I went into SLEEP mode.

All that running around can sure make you tired.


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